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Why Proxity?

Currently your organization uses and searches for data in:

  • FBO
  • GSA schedules
  • FPDS
  • USA Spending
  • Small Business Dynamic Database
  • DLA
  • Other

Your Proxity system grabs data from all these as many as four times a day! So that means if you have Proxity you can go to one location for an integrated answer to your questions and searches- If you feel you and your organization needs a refresher training session let us know.

Why Proxity’s Bidmatch.Net

Are your client’s happy with the current bid matching service you offer? Here are advantages we think we have over at least one of the companies being used, maybe both:

  • Your client- if working in the NSN world, can look for NSN’s being acquired not only by SAM.GOV announcement but all DOD- Also once they have identified their prime competitor(s) the client may monitor all the NSN’s sold by those competitors
  • We provide data on all FSC’s being solicited including small purchases from DLA just FBO. SAM.GOV only handles 10% of the DLA open solicitations
  • NSN within DLA for small purchases by key word to NSN
  • Can’t filter by agency or search within the synopsis – we can and do
  • How about the five year Road Map to Government sales?
  • Expiring contracts for your clients by key word as well as NAIC
Proxity is the only SINGLE SOURCE from the three U.S. Market arenas: Military Small Purchase, Federal Contracts, State and Local Data.
Site Disclaimer: system provides data derived from Government Sources and does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the data provided from these public sources.
Copyright- duplication of the databases, indexing and user tools are strictly forbidden